Popular PCSO Lotto Games

Why do people take part in the Philippine Lotto? Simple. It’s fun, affordable and the chances of winning can turn the lives around for most of its participants. As seen in the National Broadcast Network’s (NBN) screening of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) lotto draws, the fun is infectious (both in the actual purchase of lotto tickets and the bizarre and campy voice of the PCSO spokesperson), loud and well-viewed. So popular this game is for the NBN, that most Filipinos only know that channel for the PCSO lotto show. But what exactly makes the PCSO a win for its participants? Let’s check out some of its most famous games and join in the fun:

Grand Lotto
The PCSO Grand Lotto is one of the most popular games in the PCSO lotto draws. Its appeal stems from the possible winnings of the highest pot money to be offered in any PCSO game. For just 20 Philippine Pesos, you get the chance to take a pick of 6 out of 55 numbers. The winning amount has even reached to more than 200 million Philippine Pesos once, with only one winner taking the entire cash prize for himself. The Grand Lotto announces drawn numbers three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Next in line is the PCSO Super Lotto. With the choice of 6 out of 49 numbers to win, the purchase of the 20 Philippine Pesos ticket often has a lot of bettors in line at lotto outlets. The Super Lotto also has had a strange winner – there was a time when the grand prize was won by two lucky individuals. One winner was able to get his or her money, the other never appeared at all. After a year of waiting for the winner to surface, the PCSO committee decided to return the prize back into the pot. Talk about your chances! Draws for this exciting game are also done thrice a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Scratch-It game cards are another popular game played by PCSO lotto fanatics nationwide. With a myriad of games to choose from – Mega Diamond Cash, Red Hot 7′s, Lucky Rabbit, to name a few – these scratchable cards hold a lot of surprises for its participants. The appeal of this game sets the “instant cash” on its buyers, where you may be lucky to win a large amount of cash by simply playing the games.

The PCSO lotto draws and games showed in NBN are a sure-fire hit. From the multi-million winnings in the Grand and Super lotto games, to the possible instant cash winnings of the Scratch-It cards, almost everyone has a fair chance of making it into the bigtime life. Check out your nearest lotto outlet today – who knows, it just might be your lucky day!